General Aviation is under pressure

General Aviation in Europe is under pressure; airspace is used primarily for Main ports and military design, leaving opportunities for General Aviation increasingly limited. General Aviation flying activities are moved to smaller airports that can hardly survive.

Additionally, the operational cost of fuel, maintenance, landing fees and regulatory burdens, such as the mandatory use of Mode S transponders, 406 ELTs and 8.33 MHz radios is high.

Air Waterland

Air Waterland, general aviation specialist at heart, is well aware of this and ensure that the costs for general aviation users are reduced by providing a number of specifically targeted services at this market such as; purchase, sale and brokerage, Pilot Owner Maintenance, camo, consultancy and flight training.

Aquila dealer

Flying schools, clubs and privatepilots cangreatly reducetheiroperatingcostsby usingmodern efficientandbeautifulAquilaaircraft. With very low fuel consumptionandlow maintenance cost flying will be fun again.

Air Waterland is dealer of the with German quality built composite, full glass VLA aircraft. We also have a pilot training program with good coaching to get a RPL, PPL CPL license at low cost.

Invitation to visit Aquila factory !

We would love to let you become familiar with the airplane of the future. That is possible today at our office, but we can also organize a visit to the Aquila factory in Berlin (Schonhagen, You can see yourself how the Aquila A211 is being made. Of course is it also possible to make a test flight in a Garmin glass equipped Aquila.

We encourage you to contact us by email of phone: of +31 (0)320-416826


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