Aircraft Maintenance expensive? Why do not you do it yourself? It can!

EASA Pilot Owner Maintenance

In the field of aircraft ownership for private planes is much to gain. Generally, the maintenance and the Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) regime is too heavy for this target group.

A private owner and a flying club can operate in a less severe regime without losing quality. Indeed, there is the possibility for Pilot-Owner Maintenance for this target group.

The club/owner can perform generic maintenance itself, under the supervision of a CAMO and a Certified Aircraft Technician.

In practice a cost reduction of 30-40% has been achieved. Strange? In our neighboring countries this is already widely used!

How does it work? Very simple. The owner / flying club was initially trained and approved to carry out themselves the basic maintenance on the aircraft and this according to the maintenance program. Once maintenance is necessary, the CAMO produces a work package, allowing the owner or technical committee to get started. An inspector checks the work and gives the aircraft free for service.

This creates a significant cost reduction on labor and parts. Obviously there are costs involved with direct management, but these are a fraction of the current cost. Moreover, there is always the back up of the CAMO and Certified Aircraft Technician to provide for the complex business support.


     The owner or technical committee itself does maintenance on their own aircraft.
     The Certified Aircraft Technician in the type of aircraft performs final inspection, turns plane freely and associate activities and findings back to the CAMO.
     The CAMO manages the technical administration, creates a work package, provides the Annual Review Certificate (ARC) and manages the Maintenance.

Below is a summary of Pilot Owner Maintenance Fees for flying clubs and Private owners:


     - Training costs € 495.00 per candidate guidance;
     - Part 66 Certified Aircraft Technician hourly quality € 72.50;
     - Cost per hour for any maintenance € 52.50;
     - € 0.35 per kilometer travel expenses;
     - An inspection is € 45.00 will be charged for the administration;
     - Administrative CAMO by air annually for managing € 302.50;
     - € 110.00 per inspection;
     - Per year for the ARC (BVL) € 522.50.

You will quickly learn to know your own plane better and learn a lot about maintaining your aircraft, which also very fun to do!
The cost of maintenance at 100 flying hours per year around 1500 amout, what you are paying now?
Do-it-yourself spaces are available at Lelystad and Eindhoven Teuge.
No fixed CAMO fee per month, you pay per inspection.
Owner remains responsible for the timely and proper performance of the aircraft;
All prices are ex VAT in Euro;
     Owner must have the necessary tooling and documentation from the aircraft type itself *;
     Owner has a private area where maintenance can be performed if this is not possible, there are do-it-yourself options at various airports in the Netherlands. Ask for the possibilities and costs;
     Owner must be an approved maintenance program, a CardEx and an AD list of the set. Hold If this is not present, there will be once more labor charges may apply.



* Air Waterland can provided on the basis of sale or rental the tools, please ask for the possibilities

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